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Shamblemaths are Simen Å. Ellingsen (PhD, PhD) [guitars, saxophones, vocals] and Ingvald A. Vassbø [drums & perc].

Ellingsen holds two PhDs, one in quantum physics (the Casimir effect), one in political science (on terrorism with nuclear weapons), and is Professor of fluid mechanics. While a curious piece of trivia, this is naturally quite irrelevant in the present context.

Vassbø is also member of Kanaan, Juno, Valerio & his Intentions and Sex Magick Wizards.

Shamblemaths was formed in 2004 as Fallen Fowl by Ellingsen and Eirik M. Husum and made 3 demoes before a hiatus from 2006. The duo returned as Shamblemaths in 2016 a new album, «Shamblemaths» with a sound now decidedly edgier and more demanding. Husum left Shamblemaths in 2018. Vassbø joined in 2019.

New album released October 2021. Not for the faint of ear.

Official home of Shamblemaths.